Sunday, 15 January 2017

Holidays ♥


Semester break is back! Hallo humaaaaans! Frankly, i didn't update anything since 4 month ago, itu pn masa semester break. And now, today i'm back with new update *lambai-lambai*. Because today is my days-7 of 1 month semester break! I love holidays 

So, third semester quite tough for me. Full of assignment, calculation (biostatistic), quizzes and test, housemate problem and car accident. Well, it started good, thunderstorm in the middle and finally ended. Inalillah and alhamdulillah for everything

Harini genap seminggu dapat main dgn si kekura (only yuan now), si kucing (only chan and her future babies,she PREGNANT! kot) dan si Firas Zafran (2.2 years old baby) and my complete families,alhamdulillah. My plan for this holidays is doing nothing cause solo travel is so dangerous and no money. Perhaps stay rumah, naikkan berat badan, jejalan and online shopping

Nothing much to say cuma kalau ada kawan-kawan, ayah/abang/kakak or ualls as student berkerja atau LI dkt petronas area Kerteh, Paka boleh la datang tempah bilik di COMEY KIDS HOMESTAY, bersih, selesa dan lengkap utk anda 

Happy holidays and see you soon my friends 

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